‘it’ and SIS

We believe in living large. Working hard during the week so that on weekends we can get out there and look for ‘it’ – the simple, striking, irresistible elements that draw people to great design. Weekends we see what else is being designed. Weekdays we break the mould.

‘it’ is easy for you because we put ‘it’ into everything we do. Twice. Give us your ideas, and we will design exactly what you had in mind. Then we will design again to show you what is in ours. Both concepts arrive within deadline and on the money – we work quickly and we work to your budget.

You will find everything we do is alive and in vivid colour.
Which is exactly how we see ourselves.


Amy & Jane Rickards

We are so alike you would swear we are sisters. (And so would we). The same rampant energy. The same qualifications – BA Graphic Design, Monash University. The same genes. And the same office. It could be terrifying. Mostly, it’s just incredibly good fun.

We both had experience working for other design firms and running other businesses.
We both had better ideas. More time for researching and developing new design techniques. Creative space for firing ideas all day, every day. Work for clients we find inspiring.

We wanted colour. Impact. Big ideas and simple, striking execution.
We wanted to go to work laughing.

Hello, SIS.